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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your statuary items made of?

Frank Lloyd Wright (FLLW) Exterior Decor, FLLW Vases & Urns, and European Vases are made using a method called Dry Casting.  This method has been around for centuries and has proven itself to be a durable, attractive and high quality alternative to other other materials (such as terra-cotta, plastic, clay, fiberglass, or concrete).  Our latest dry cast mix design included acrylic additives, stainless steel cable and recycled tiny chopped glass fibers for increased strength and durability.  The nature of our stone has a number of advantages: it has the appearance of carved stone at a fraction of the cost and it ages much like natural stone, developing a rich patina quite rapidly.  The material's ability to be cast into virtually any shape allows our craftsmen unlimited design possibilities and exquisite details.  Our most recent mix design and curing methods have given our stone greatly increased strength, weather tolerance, and resistance to abrasion.

FLLW Interior Decor products are made of a cement/gypsum mix.  These ARE NOT intended for outdoor use.

Unique Yard Items are made of a mix of dry case cement.  These are considered "frost resistant" and can be used in any climate.  From conception to completion, we treat our products as pieces of art.  Proper care will only extend the amount of enjoyment you receive from owning a piece of architectural beauty.  If you ever have a question please do not hesitate to contact us.

What color choices do you offer?

Frank Lloyd Wright (FLLW) Vases & Urns and European Vases are available in your choice of the following four color finishes or we can custom-color the stone for an extra charge to match your decor.
Terra Cotta

Unique Yard Items are very popular gifts (to give or receive!).  They are available in your choice of five color stains:
Antique Gray
Copper Patina
Dark Walnut
Terra Cotta
Weathered Bronze

How are your statuary items shipped?

Frank Lloyd Wright (FLLW) Exterior Decor, FLLW Vases & Urns, and European Vases that are over 100 pounds are shipped "Freight Collect."  We are dedicated to providing an excellent shipping experience!  We have established substantial discounts with certain carriers that we use and can pass the full discount to our customers.  Total freight costs must be paid in advance and a 50% deposit of the item purchase price is necessary to begin production of these masterpieces in the stone.  The least expensive way for us to ship is from dock-to-dock.  The freight companies charge extra for Residential Delivery, Liftgate Service, Inside Delivery, and Notification Before Delivery.  We will work with you personally to guarantee a timely and easy installation.  We will let you know what these "accessorial" charges are at the time of the quotation (if requested).  When contacting us for a freight quote please provide the following information:

    * Product Style
    * Size and Quanitity
    * Delivery Address
    * Residential or Commercial Site?
    * Liftgate Required?
    * Appointment Required?

All other items ship easily via UPS from the manufacturing plant straight to your door!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do!

We will be happy to ship an order to any international destination.  The customer will be responsible for the cost of shipping as well as all duties and taxes charged at the time of importation PRIOR to shipping.  Duties and taxes not paid when you receive your order will be billed back to you.  By US Federal Law, we are required to follow all export laws with respect to declaration and customs documentation.

What is the amount of time from purchase to delivery?

Frank Lloyd Wright (FLLW) Exterior Decor (Full size sprites, 36" Nakoma & 54" Nakomis), FLLW Vases & Urns, and European Vases are custom made to order.  These can take up to six weeks for production, curing, staining, and delivery.  We strive to make this a perfect addition to your home that you will cherish for years and we feel this timeframe is reasonable and well worth the wait.  Remember, you can't sell wine before it's time!

FLLW Exetior Decor (31" Sprites, Boulder, 24" Nakoma, and 36" Nakomis) are extremely popular and we try our hardest to keep them readily available.  These are typically shipped within five business days after placing your order.  In some instances, however rare, we may require up to 2-3 weeks.

Unique Yard Items are typically shipped within 2-3 days.  During the holiday season it's suggested to order at least two weeks in advance!